Shining a Spotlight on Jessica, One of Our Rising Stars

At least once a month, we like to shine our Vision Marketing Management Group spotlight on one of our top team members. This month, we wanted to highlight Jessica for her work ethic and recent promotion.

She’s doing a really great job and is an extremely hard worker, according to Vision Marketing Management Group’s CEO, Jovan Canizales. She’s advanced to the position of account manager very quickly and has the momentum to move on in the near future. Her team-building skills are well refined thanks to her background in sports (especially soccer) and her experience as a personal trainer. Jessica is a great fit for our team: competition brings out the best in her, but at the same time she knows that winning is a team effort.

One of the great advantages that Jessica had when joining our team was our Young Entrepreneur Program. This is what we call our learning system, which rotates new team members through every aspect of our operations, so they gain first-hand knowledge of how our business model works. This also means she had the chance to learn from a variety of different project managers and connect with colleagues who work in different departments. By immersing her in real-time projects and giving her access to experienced leaders, we ensured she had all the knowledge and tools required to achieve success.

Congratulations again to Jessica for earning a promotion and setting the performance bar higher for the rest of us. Check out our Vision Marketing Management Group Facebook page to learn more about how we prepare our team members for success.