Our Company Leaders Are Committed to Growth

Leadership is one of the values upon which our company is built, and no one exemplifies this trait better than our firm’s CEO, Jovan C. He was a professional DJ for 10 years as well as a restauranteur before starting Vision Marketing Management Group. All of the previous experience he brings to the company has ensured we’ve enjoyed great success since day one.

“I had watched some friends achieve some pretty significant milestones in this industry, and I thought to myself ‘If they can do it, then so can I!’” stated Jovan. “I’ve always had a business-owner mentality, and building brand awareness for a range of local companies seemed like an opportunity to grow a business and quickly see financial gains. I started Vision Marketing Management Group and applied the same work ethic to this as I did to my other ventures. Here I saw results much faster.”

While Jovan has accomplished a lot in his leadership role, he continues to reset his goals, constantly challenging himself to do more than he thought he could. For instance, instead of simply looking to grow in his current office, he’s determined to open two new satellite offices by the end of the year.

“I’m all about expansion, both for myself and for my team,” Jovan shared. “Vision Marketing Management Group is only as strong as the people who work here, so I make sure to push my own limits, and give everyone else the chance to discover their potential as well.” Learn more about the ways we invest in success by liking us on Facebook.